DPS selects Bert L’Homme as new superintendent

WRAL has the scoop:

L’Homme is a former Durham schools assistant superintendent and Franklin County Schools superintendent. He has also worked for the Children’s Defense Fund as interim chief operating officer, director of education policy and coordinator of their cradle to prison pipeline campaign.

This comes after the school board reluctantly allowed the newly elected, incoming school board members to sit in on the process. Board member Frederick Davis, who subsequently threw a tantrum and vowed not to participate in the selection process, apparently had a change of heart this week and decided to show up and do his job for the final decision.

With an absentee rate like that, though, I’ll still give Davis an “F” for his work (or lack thereof) on the superintendent search. See me after class, OK?

I don’t have much else to add, but let’s just hope that things work out better for L’Homme than the last guy.

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