Whiskey to close August 2

Well, I didn’t see that one coming. According to their twitter account, Whiskey’s shutting down operations. According to their Facebook page (apparently), they’re closing for good on Aug 2.

Whiskey seemed to always be doing well when I was in the area, but seeing as how I have a three year old child I didn’t actually have much of a chance to frequent the joint. Best of luck to the Whiskey folks in their future endeavors.

Here’s a song for the occasion:

3 thoughts on “Whiskey to close August 2”

  1. Rhys has a 25-year lease on the space, so I imagine he’s going to open up another bar there. I think Whiskey’s been getting a little less popular now that Alley 26 is open.

  2. Interesting detail. When I read this news, I figured a 5 year lease was up and a stupid landlord was jacking up rents. Curious to see what comes of this then.

    1. The owner of the building actually has it up for sale–same owner that sold Dashi the building they’re moving into. But, no takers so far at the obscene asking price of $2.7 mil (for the space from Whiskey and the beauty salon adjacent Cave Toreau). Whiskey’s lease is recorded at the register of deeds which means it transfers with sale of the building

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