Tonight is national night out

National Night Out is a program designed to improve relationships between law enforcement and communities. The idea is that neighborhoods host gatherings, from potlucks to parties to parades, and law enforcement officers attend and interact with residents.

The DPD has issued a press release (PDF) about the event, which according to them includes “more than 100 neighborhoods.” (Aside: does Durham actually have more than 100 neighborhoods?). Chances are good that your neighborhood has something planned, so go look it up and get with the program.

And hey, it’s worth mentioning that Durham’s law enforcement could sure use the PR boost! The NCCU police chief was just suspended following a DWI, and a DPD Assistant Police Chief has just filed suit claiming racial discrimination in promotion practices.

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  1. Long Meadow and Tuscaloosa-Lakewood Neighborhood Assns join for NNO, we have since the murder of a pizza delivery person from TLNA on Lakewood Ave years back. Anyone is welcome to join us, bring food to share. High St between Rosedale and Echo, 6-8pm.

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