The Fresh Market is coming to Durham

Regional chain “The Fresh Market” (based out of Greensboro, NC) is planning to open its first Durham location off University Drive, back behind the Super Target.

If you’ve never been to a The Fresh Market, the stores are typically clean and stock higher end products. They strive for a niche somewhere between the limited selection of Whole Foods and the “full service” selection of stores like Harris Teeter. I think of them as a very slightly lower end (and lower priced) version of Whole Foods, where you can buy toilet paper that isn’t made out of 10x recycled cardboard, but you still may not be able to find all the conventional goods you’d get from a regular store.

The location is kind of a head scratcher; the shopping center is called “Parkwood Plaza” and it’s fallen on some hard times ever since Food Lion (and later K-Mart) ditched the place. It looks pretty danged shabby at the moment, which doesn’t really match The Fresh Market’s upscale vibe. They’re also right across the road from Super Target, and University Drive doesn’t exactly have the best visibility these days. So, best of luck to them.

The H-S article says they’ll be open in “the winter.”

3 thoughts on “The Fresh Market is coming to Durham”

  1. Agreed with Rob. I think they are trying to get out in front of the potential new shopping development up the road, by the chinese buffet and chuck e cheeses that has been foundering for almost a decade.

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