Durham News Odds and Ends, so long summer edition!

It’s been a long summer. Like, really long, and I haven’t managed to do a new DNO&E in two whole months, making this DNO&E also really long. That’ll teach me to go on vacation instead of writing blog posts…

Anyway, fall’s almost upon us now, and here’s the news way back from the summer that was:

Heck yeah, that’s gonna do it! The last DNO&E of the summer is always fleeting and a bit poignant, but these memories last a lifetime, ya know?

5 thoughts on “Durham News Odds and Ends, so long summer edition!”

    1. Woe to you poor nonsubscribers!

      In the past they allowed at least a few visits before blocking guests. There may still be workarounds for it but I couldn’t possibly comment.

      I’ll try to favor other outlets in the future if the HS is getting more aggressive on this front. They’re usually first, but seldom actually the best.

      1. You could always just read the source cod (right click-> “View Page Source” or similar, dependent on the browser you use). The paywall is a little CSS thing, but the actual text of the article is still in the page source code.

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