The N&O has an article on Intrepid Life

The News and Observer has an article on the situation with additional information that supports what I was told earlier this week. They do journalism. It’s good. Go read it.

I do feel like I need to highlight Victoriano’s response when he was asked why he opted not to pay back rent with the campaign funds:

“I specifically stated that it would either be to pay back rent and stay in the space or be used to open up in a different location,” he said in an interview this week. “People didn’t donate money to the Indiegogo funds to pay my debt to (his landlords), and there are other people that I owe debt to and family members and credit cards that I owed money to before my landlords.”

The wording for the campaign wasn’t so candid.

“Wasn’t so candid” from the N&O is being generous there. The campaign text never mentioned the funds being used for moving or paying “other” debt, while it unambiguously stated that paying the rent was a campaign goal. He might have “specifically stated” those things to somebody, but he didn’t “specifically state” them at the place where he was asking people to give him money.

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  1. Sadly, the situation has turned even more sour. With over $25,000 in the bank from donators, I’ve heard Victoriano has made zero effort to pay the nearly $20,000 in back debt owed to the building owners.
    Not very “intrepid”…

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