Bennett Place seeks last minute funding to acquire historic parcel

Have you ever checked out Bennett Place? It’s pretty cool. Located on the northwest side of town out by US 70, the state park is the site of the largest surrender during the civil war.

Spoiler: the Confederates are the ones who surrendered.

Anyway, the park was hoping to acquire a 2 acre parcel of land which contains the road Gen. Johnston took on the way to surrender to Sherman. The problem? They don’t have the cash.

The first I saw about the situation was an article in the Herald dated September 22, stating that the park was trying to raise $310,000 by September 30. That’s some seriously short notice; it sounds like a grant didn’t come through. The WRAL article mentions that the deadline was later pushed back to October 31.

It’s unclear to me how much they’ve raised of that $310,000. WRAL quotes the same figure. Bennett Place itself doesn’t seem to have any information about this situation on the web, so I’ll just quote what they told WRAL:

Donations can be made to the Bennett Place Support Fund, 4409 Bennett Memorial Road, Durham, NC 27705. For more information, call 919-383-4345 or email

It also looks like you can also donate to the fund via the Bennett Place web site.

The property in question is directly across the road from the main park facilities, and I ride my bike through there pretty often. It will certainly change the character of the historic site if there’s commercial or light industrial directly adjacent.

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