Stay and Play Snack Cafe is shutting down

At this rate I’m going to need a depressing segment called “Cafe Closing Corner” or something, because yet another downtown cafe is shutting down:

Since Stay & Play is a young, family business with tight margins, the cost increase means the café will be priced out of its current location.

The original owners of the cafe were hoping to sell the business so they could focus on their growing family, but a rent increase seems to have priced the business out of its current location. You might remember that Stay and Play launched following a successful kickstarter back in 2012.

The business actually had (from my perspective) a really cool concept: it was part coffee shop, part playroom, and it was a pretty great place to take your small kids to get a moment’s respite from the chaos. It’ll be missed.

I really feel like downtown is lacking in spaces for young children. There are a few oases: The Parlour, BCBB, and Pompieri are all very kid friendly, but you can’t spend your entire day eating; there just aren’t many places for the kids to play. The Fun Zone, another kid oriented downtown business, also shut down recently (last year?).

3 thoughts on “Stay and Play Snack Cafe is shutting down”

    1. It’s true. And kind of unbelievable. I never would have even considered bringing a little kid there before they finished their outdoor area, and now it’s one of the most kid friendly restaurants downtown.

      1. I think the kid-splosion at Bull McCabes is the direct reason for the brand selected at Criterion. A simple bar, focused on beer but with a full liquor list, that is 21+. I’ve seen a whole lot of the folks who don’t go to Bull McCabes anymore at Criterion in the past week-and-a-half.

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