2014 early voting is upon us! Here are the endorsements!

TLDR: Here is a PDF of the endorsements from major PACs. You can’t use electronic devices while voting, so you might want to have that on paper.

2014 brings changes to early voting: namely, there’s less of it. So all you slackers better get out there soon, or you’ll have to vote on election day itself, and that’s just no fun at all.

The BOE provides a PDF that lists when and where you can get your early vote on, but the most sure fire option is the BOE office at 201 N. Roxboro, which is open every day between now and Saturday, November 1. On weekdays it’ll be open at least from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., but if that doesn’t work for you check out the PDF for weekend and evening hours.

There’s another PDF which gives you a list of candidates. If you’re unsure on whom to vote for, you can just crib off of the endorsements. You can find out what your ballot looks like here.

For your convenience, I have colored Democrats blue and Republicans red. (You may notice that there is no red. That should not really be a surprise).

Indy Week Durham People’s Alliance Durham Committee Friends of Durham
US Senate
Kay Hagan Kay Hagan Kay Hagan
US House 1 GK Butterfield GK Butterfield GK Butterfield
US House 4 David Price David Price David Price
US House 6 Laura Fjeld Laura Fjeld
US House 13 Brenda Cleary Brenda Cleary
State Supreme Court – Chief Justice Mark Martin Mark Martin
State Supreme Court Associate Justice – Martin seat Sam Ervin IV Sam Ervin IV Sam Ervin IV
State Supreme Court Associate Justice – Hudson seat Robin Hudson Robin Hudson Robin Hudson
State Supreme Court Associate Justice – Beasley seat Cheri Beasley Cheri Beasley Cheri Beasley
State Appeals Court – Martin seat John Arrowood John Arrowood Keischa Lovelace
State Appeals Court – Hunter seat Lucy Inman Lucy Inman Lucy Inman
State Appeals Court – Davis seat Mark Davis Mark Davis Mark Davis
State Appeals Court – Stroud seat Donna Stroud
Constitutional Amendment FOR AGAINST
NC Senate 20 Floyd McKissick Floyd McKissick
NC Senate 22 Mike Woodard Mike Woodard Mike Woodard
NC House 29 Larry Hall Larry Hall
NC House 30 Paul Luebke
NC House 31 Mickey Michaux Mickey Michaux Mickey Michaux
NC House 50 Graig Meyer Graig Meyer
District Court 14 – Evans seat Steven Storch Pat Evans Pat Evans Pat Evans
District Court 14 – Gordon seat Nancy Gordon Nancy Gordon Fred Battaglia Fred Battaglia
District Court 14 – Morey seat Marcia Morey Marcia Morey
District Court 14 – Hill seat James Hill James Hill
District Court 14 – Walker seat Henry Pruette Doretta Walker Doretta Walker Henry Pruette
District Court 14 – Wilks seat Brian Wilks Brian Wilks
Durham DA Roger Echols
Durham Clerk of Court Archie Smith
Sheriff Mike Andrews Mike Andrews
Soil and Water District Supervisor Ray Eurquhart, Will Wilson Ray Eurquhart, Will Wilson Ray Eurquhart, Katie Locklier

Some general thoughts on the endorsements: man, it seems like the Friends and the Committee are really slacking lately. The Friends don’t appear to have endorsed anybody outside of the Durham District Court judges, and they haven’t even updated their web site to reflect these endorsements. The Committee? They did at least endorse a full slate, but I can’t actually find their endorsements outside of the Herald either. Their most prominent online presence, which appears to be their Facebook page, hasn’t been updated in months.

I know not everybody uses the Internet, and that the Committee especially does more direct outreach. I get that. But if I can’t google [NAME OF YOUR PAC ENDORSEMENTS 2014] and get back meaningful results, that’s a problem for you.

Kudos to the Indy and Durham Peoples’ Alliance for actually making this easy on me by plainly listing all of your endorsements.

The constitutional amendment is a curiosity; NC is apparently the only state which doesn’t allow defendants to waive their right to a jury trial. Although it saves money by reducing the number of juries, some people (like the Committee) believe this right could be used against uneducated defendants to their disadvantage. It’s unclear whether that’s true, which is why the People’s Alliance took no stance and the Indy supports it.

OK, vote’s on. Have fun kids!

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