Bennett Place scores crucial grants to acquire historic parcel

As mentioned previously, the historic Civil War site has been struggling to come up with the funds needed to secure a neighbouring parcel. The state had until the end of September to come up with the $310,000, but it fell short; they then reached out to the current property owner who gave them an extra month.

WRAL is now reporting that the funds have been acquired:

The bulk of the money came in two large donations of $150,000 each, Kevin Cherry, deputy secretary of the Department of Cultural Resources said Wednesday the state received two grants of $150,000 each. The other $13,000 came from smaller donations, including someone in Virginia who sent a check for $18.65 to mark the year the Civil War ended.

Yeah, the big spender with the $18.65 probably sealed the deal there.

WRAL doesn’t mention where those $150,000 “donations” came from, although elsewhere in that article they also describe them as “grants” (protip: grants aren’t technically the same thing as donations, WRAL). The initial Herald article reported that the state had originally been seeking a grant from the Civil War Trust, and failing to secure that grant is what put the land in jeopardy.

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