The Club Blvd neckdown plan is heading back to the drawing board

I’m impressed by everybody involved in this one, particularly Erik Landfried, chair of the Bike and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, and Jamie Gruener, president of the WHHNA. Jamie reached out to the BPAC earlier this year to see what kinds of concerns the larger community had, and it sparked a lot of really productive conversation about the project.

The Herald has an article, although their choice of headline seems odd: “City: No promises about funding redesigned Club Blvd. project.” While it’s true that the city won’t guarantee when (or even if) Club will be revisited, the big news is that the 2001 plan seems to be dead in the water regardless.

It’s interesting to note that the impact the neckdowns would have had on the aesthetics of the streetscape also drew a lot of complaints. Freed from the 2001 plan’s assumptions, there are new possibilities for this road that could better respect its iconic aesthetic and make it safer for everybody.

Despite warnings about funding and timelines, I have to assume that the Council does recognize that there is value in improving this stretch of Club, and I hope the city is still willing to spend the money to make that happen. I even wonder whether other solutions might ultimately cost less than the neckdowns, which would have faced numerous implementation challenges on Club.

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