Another Durham cyclist has been killed, this time in a hit and run on Roxboro Road

There aren’t many details yet. We know the victim’s name: Tony Morris Turner. We have a description of the perpetrator’s vehicle: a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee. But not much else.

I know this stretch of Roxboro and it’s just awful, terrible to be on. It’s five lanes of really fast traffic and I find it harrowing even in broad daylight. I hate to think of riding that road at night, but there is really no alternative to get to points northward from downtown or vice-versa. Roxboro doesn’t even have a sidewalk or shoulder to bail out on, and from my perspective there’s just no safe way to get north of there without a motor vehicle.

I wrote a blog post about getting from downtown to West Point on the Eno last year. Turner was killed around the point where I talk about being forced to cross Roxboro.

Both WRAL and WUNC have incorrectly reported this as the “third” recent cycling death in Durham. I believe this is due to an incorrect AP report which misattributes the fatal October 3 Chapel Hill incident to Durham (the victim was a Durham resident).

Not that having “only two” cycling deaths within a month is much less shameful.


Bike Durham has scheduled a memorial ride and forum for this Saturday, November 22. I will be out of town, but I’ll be there in spirit.

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