Heavenly Buffaloes is amazing and you should eat food from there

OK, I’ll be frank with you: I’ve ordered from Heavenly Buffaloes about once per week since its opening about two months ago.

The humble wing shack off Broad is the latest venture of Dain Phelan and his wife Jennifer, who are probably best known for (surprise) Dain’s Place (which, as awesome as it is, was even awesomer when they briefly served brunch. Boy, I miss that…).

I mentioned the restaurant’s opening in a DNO&E a while back, but I’ve been meaning to write a proper blog post with pictures. The problem, though, is that once I had the food in front of me, I couldn’t stop shoving wings into my face long enough to grab my camera.

Until now.

Basically, it works like this: there’s a shack. The people in there make wings. If you call them up, they’ll bring wings to you. And the wings are really good.

After tasting probably everything on the menu, I think I’ve perfected my order. This feeds three people (or two, if one is (like me) basically a Neanderthal):

  • 7 Sweet Thai Coconut Chili (sweet, coconutty, peanuty) (left)
  • 7 Chipotle Barbeque Wings (spicy, tangy, kind of hint of smoky sweetness) (center)
  • 7 Heavenly Buffaloes (dry rub, moderately spicy, crispy) (right)

Don’t forget… the fries. Especially don’t forget the fries.

  • Sweet potato fries with the mesquite BBQ dry rub (the rub is crucial!)
  • Idaho potato fries with the garlic parmesan dry rub

Regular orders of fries are huge, and those are half orders pictured above (you may be able to sweet talk them into selling you half orders of the fries, but no guarantees – it’s not on the menu). Also, get some extra ranch for the fries. You’re welcome.

Aside from wings and fries, they have vegan wings, which I actually liked. They’re little slices of tofu with the normal wing seasoning on them, and I found them plenty tasty (albeit not especially wing-like in texture or shape). You can also order beer, with a credit card, delivered directly to your door. Which is kind of great.

Heavenly Buffaloes is open long hours: from lunch right on through to midnight most weekdays, and all the way through to 3 a.m. on the weekends, which (combined with its proximity to Duke) should make a lot of college students happy. And, more importantly, it makes me happy.

If you stop by for lunch, there are a couple of picnic tables on which you can eat outside, but this really is a takeout / delivery joint; don’t expect even a Saltbox level of ambiance here.

So, if you’re in the market for some wings, I don’t think you can do better around here. Carpe Durham and Joe both seem to dig the place, too.

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