The podcast, episode zero

So this is a thing I’m doing I guess.

This isn’t the real podcast. I haven’t totally figured that part out yet. This is basically a 16 minute sound test in which I give a bit of context about what I’m doing and ask for you guys to help.

Any feedback is welcome (yes, I already know I need a pop screen, sorry for the crackles…)

4 thoughts on “The podcast, episode zero”

  1. Im interested in hearing more. Speed up the talking (if possible, maybe edit it to be a little faster). Intro music, outro music. Other than that, Id always listen to a shorter podcast (20 min or less) about durham!

  2. Hey, is there a way to contact you about stories? Like, Market Street Coffee on 9th St. closing within a week of two robberies?

  3. Hey man, I like your style and am definitely excited to hear more. Bull City Rising was always my source for Durham government news, and now that that’s gone, we’re left with the Herald-Sun, which seems too restrained by journalistic neutrality to say anything. Something I’ve been curious for a while about the relationship between Bill Bell, his UDI company, and the Durham city government. Is that a potentially corrupt arrangement or am I imagining things?

    Anyway, keep it up!

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