Cocoa Cinnamon named seventh in Buzzfeed coffee shop listicle

So, OK, Buzzfeed isn’t exactly an authority on… things… but a stopped watch is right twice a day, and this day Cocoa Cinnamon received a well earned nod. I’ll be honest, this is mainly an excuse for me to mention that I agree: Cocoa Cinnamon is pretty danged neat. You should probably check it out, if for some reason you haven’t yet.

Also, if you have a kid, the super secret Old North Durham Park is right behind the coffee shop. In addition to featuring a full sized soccer field, it’s also got some pretty decent climbing structures for children to play on tucked away behind the school.

For our part, we try really hard to convince our kid that OND park is the best park in town, mainly because it gives us an opportunity to grab an Americano from Cocoa Cinnamon when we go there.

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