The Google Fiber rumors ARE true

EDIT: yep, it’s legit. Go let them know you want it.

You’ve probably already heard about Google’s cryptic “save the date” notice, which mentioned a Durham event scheduled for Thursday. Many took this as an indication that a fiber announcement was imminent, and now none other than the Wall Street Journal is confirming that this speculation is accurate.

Don’t run out to cancel your cable just yet, though; according to the WSJ:

After announcing plans to enter a city, Google typically takes more than a year to build out its network to reach homes and businesses in the area. The company gauges demand by neighborhood, only building the network in places that express sufficient interest.

I don’t know what metrics they use to determine demand, and it’s impossible to say when/whether any particular neighborhood will get the service at this point. We’ll presumably learn more on Thursday.

Where I live the only options are TWC’s “high speed” cable service and Frontier’s low speed DSL; we have no fiber option at all. I’d love to see the end of the TWC monopoly on high speed service.

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