[Insert something about snow]

I’ve lived near the triangle my entire life, and the worst snow I’ve ever seen was back in 2000 when I lived in Raleigh. 20 inches in one day according to that thing (although I don’t remember it being that much).

Anyway, now we’re staring down 8 inches overnight. That’s a lot of snow in such a small period of time, maybe even more per hour than the snow in 2000. So it’s pretty much safe to say that schools (which close when the roads are wet) will be closed, like, forever.

For a long time I laughed at how unprepared the state was to deal with snow and how quickly everything shut down. The last couple of weeks, though, have stopped being funny. Let’s hope that spring decides to show up soon.

I think I’m going to order some Heavenly Buffaloes tonight, because god knows when the snow will melt and I’ll get another chance.

The state of the city…

… is cold.

Mayor Bell gave his own “State of the City” speech last night, and there isn’t really much for me to discuss from its contents since they’re mostly things I’ve written about before. There was one minor surprise, though: the mayor’s ability to drop thirty year old cultural references.

Accolades that show that Durham’s future is bright…so bright, in fact, that we just might need shades.

Way to keep it hip with the youths, Mister Mayor. Mitt Romney would be impressed.

Chefs from Mateo, Nana’s, and Scratch are 2015 James Beard Award semi-finalists

I just spotted the list of nominees for the prestigious culinary award over at WRAL. I had to double check that I wasn’t looking at last year’s nominees, seeing as how two of the Durham chefs are repeats from last year:

  • Best chef in the southeast: Scott Howell of Nana’s
  • Best chef in the southeast: Matt Kelly of Mateo
  • Best pastry chef: Phoebe Lawless of Scratch

I can personally vouch for the quality of all three of these establishments. Check ’em out.

That’s not snow, you guys

You might find it odd that the state would shut down after what appears to be about an inch of snow. But this isn’t snow: it’s ice. And ice sucks.

Really, wait for the plows if you can. Yes, some people can drive on ice just fine, but a few people who don’t know what they’re doing can mess things up for everybody else.

I suspect most schools will close again on Wednesday. Enjoy the forced vacation!

I don’t really have anything to say this week

I try to post twice a week, on average, but I’m just going to tell you: I’m phoning it in this week.

I have to read a lot of local news to write this blog, and that means I read about a lot of awful shit that I don’t relay to you guys (like last month when they found three bodies in Durham over a two day period). I try to avoid writing about things like that, because they’re depressingly common and are already omnipresent on local media. I have nothing of value to add.

This particular week, though, there’s only really one news story that anybody can even talk about, and you already know everything about it that there is to know. And I just don’t have any desire to write about it because… well fuck that.

So, for this week, I’m going to just write nothing at all.

Durham schools receive failing grades because poverty

You probably saw the news that 53.7% of Durham’s public schools earned a grade of D or F. What do these scores actually measure? Essentially, they’re a proxy for how poor a school’s student body is. My biggest takeaway is from TheDurhamNews.com:

Scores across the state correlated with school poverty rates. Only 13 percent of schools that received an A had at least 50 percent of students in poverty. But every school that received an F had a poverty rate at 50 percent or more.

Throughout the Durham school system, almost 65 percent of students receive free or reduced lunch, a common poverty indication.

That’s not to say that DPS’s schools are perfect, but it’s pretty clear that many of Durham’s public school woes are symptoms of poverty rather than issues that can meaningfully be addressed by school administrators.

Durham news odds and ends, midwinter madness edition!

OK, winter’s half way done, and what better time for a DNO&E? Here’s all the small (but not too small) stuff that’s happened so far in 2015:

All right guys, have fun! The next DNO&E probably won’t be here till spring, so hopefully this will tide you over.