The city has completed the purchase of the new DPD HQ site

This isn’t really much of a surprise, but it’s notable since the transaction had been delayed previously.

I’ve already mentioned that I’m disappointed in this plan, which will result in the demolition of several buildings that were prime candidates for creative re-use in a district that seemed poised to take off.

At least one of the tenants being displaced has a bit of good news, though: the Bull City Ciderworks Kickstarter was successful.

2 thoughts on “The city has completed the purchase of the new DPD HQ site”

  1. Anyone know what’s happening to the old police HQ space? I catch the bus by there every day and the police are welcome neighbors when I’m standing alone at my stop.

    1. It’s almost certainly going to be sold, from what I can recall. I haven’t seen any specific plans, but IIRC the value of that site is part of the budget for the new HQ, and the city doesn’t have a use for it.

      What exactly becomes of it once it’s sold off is an interesting question. I’d love to see that building saved, because it’s a really underrepresented style of architecture near downtown (and because I’d hate to see more of what I’ll call the “teens generic” style currently in vogue for new construction). There’s a lot of wasted space on surface parking, and a developer could build something with a wrapped parking deck back there while still leaving the existing structure in tact.

      I doubt that’ll happen though. It’ll probably be torn down to make room for something that looks like 605 West across the street.

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