DPD, city sued by man claiming racial profiling

According to WRAL:

Ragland claims officers searched him and his vehicle in 2012 without his consent and without probable cause.

Ragland is asking for unspecified financial damages, for the department to change how it conducts traffic stops, to appoint a “special master” to oversee changes in police procedures, and to implement changes including eliminating “suspicionless” traffic stops and requiring officers to document in writing the purpose of their traffic stop before searching a vehicle.

The suit was brought by the NCCU Civil Litigation Clinic, which I assume means that NCCU law students will be working on the case. The supervising attorney is Scott Holmes, a faculty member at NCCU, and apparently also a ballet dancer (yanno, I feel like a ballet dancing attorney could be a decent concept for a superhero…).

It’s worth pointing out that the events in question allegedly occured in 2012; in the interim, the city has already issued some fairly strong responses to racial bias in the DPD (including requesting assistance from the DoJ).

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