The city has revealed several options for the DPD HQ site layout

Over at the city’s web page devoted to the DPD HQ project, you can now find a link to an inexplicably massive PDF which shows off several potential site plans.

Here, I shrunk it down for you:

The light blue shaded area in the graphics would be up for grabs, with the city selling it off for potential commercial use.

I’m not especially inspired by any of these site plans, although I think there are some good elements here. Most notably both 2 and 3 retain the Carpenter Motor Company building that’s currently on Walker and Elizabeth Street (that block of Walker would disappear under all of these plans). If I understand it correctly, in 3) the existing structure would actually be integrated into the new construction (a la the old Watts Hospital into the Residence Inn on Main St) while in 2) it would remain free standing.

If you weren’t able to attend the meeting, you can still submit comments regarding the site plan until May 20 electronically, using this handy (and thankfully not quite as massive) PDF.

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