The Business 15-501 road diet faces opposition from some business owners

I mentioned this road diet before, which would reduce Business 15-501 around Foster’s and Guglhupf down to a much more manageable three-lane road with bike lanes, street parking, and even sidewalks (sidewalks? In Durham?). The city has an excellent page describing the project.

Although the plan is broadly supported by residents, word has it that some business owners aren’t so happy with the proposed changes.

I don’t know which business owners they are, but whoever you are: what’s up with you?

Studies have shown that this kind of streetscape improvement increases revenues of nearby businesses. Not only are people more likely to visit establishments when they have additional ways to physically get to them, but more pedestrians means more walk-in business to boot.

Not to mention: have you ever tried to find a parking spot around Nanataco and the Q Shack at like, 12:15 p.m. on a Friday? Street parking seems like it would be a welcome addition as spaces can be pretty scarce around here.

Due to the opposition to the project, it’s going to be up for review at the City Council work session tomorrow (May 21st) at 1pm. If you have an interest in improving this road, you might want to show up and make your opinion heard.

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  1. Well, according to the N&O, it’s Laura Hall of The Refectory; Blake Addison of Classic Treasures; and Wayne Lee of Hair By Design. Last time I go to any of those businesses.

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