Google Fiber continues to move forward, with free service planned for some low income housing

As the Google Fiber rollout continues throughout the Triangle, there’s something new to get excited about: Obama’s bringing free Internet to some low income residents in Durham. WUNC says that the Goog will be offering up its service gratis to some 2000 households (presumably funded by the Federal program).

Although that’s pretty great, it’s maybe not as big a deal as it seems at first blush: keep in mind that Google Fiber already has a free tier that anybody in their service area can take advantage of. The “gotcha” there is the $300 installation fee, which is presumably what’s being waived as part of the announced program.

In other fiber news, do you remember RST “Fiber,” the supposed competitor to Google Fiber which started making big claims last year? Well, Wake Forest has apparently gotten tired of waiting and kicked them to the curb.

Oh, and one final Internet note: if you’re on TWC, you might want to reboot your modem to see if you have better speeds. At the end of June they finally disabled all of their analogue and ClearQAM channels, but at the same time they apparently started rolling out free account upgrades too. If nothing else maybe it’ll make the wait for Google Fiber a little more bearable.

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