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This is the last day to enter the DPS magnet school lottery

Hey you guys!

I’ve been busy, so you’ll have to excuse my hiatus, but I’m back and I’ve got something important to tell you: there are just a few hours left to enter the DPS magnet lottery.

School board member Matt Sears published the following PDF on his facebook account, and with it you can get a sense of the odds of winning the magnet lottery. The key things to look at there are “AP” versus “AS” – number of applicants versus number of assignments.

I’ve heard it suggested that enrolment will down this year, due to some additional hoops that are involved in the process. Those with children entering DPS now have to bring proof of identity and residence to their districted shool or to the central office to pre-register their child before submitting an on-line magnet application. This was not the case in prior years.

I wrote a bit about the lottery a few years ago and it’s mostly still relevant. If you’re playing along at home, good luck!