Sendolo Diaminah is literally phoning it in

You remember him, right? School board member elected in 2014? He’s not making it to the meetings:

By the time the board voted to approve $90 million worth of capital projects it will ask voters to approve in a Nov. 8 bond referendum, Diaminah had disappeared from the conference call.

In an earlier H-S article:

Since January, Diaminah has missed nine of 16 board meetings or board work sessions, according to meeting minutes available on the Durham Public Schools website.

I briefly met the guy when he was campaigning. He seemed personable, earnest, enthusiastic, and I’m sure he’s got good reasons to miss these meetings. Yet… at a certain point, showing up is the job. If you can’t do that, regardless of your circumstances, you have to ask if the public would be better served by somebody who can.