Durham news odds and ends, midwinter madness edition!

OK, winter’s half way done, and what better time for a DNO&E? Here’s all the small (but not too small) stuff that’s happened so far in 2015:

All right guys, have fun! The next DNO&E probably won’t be here till spring, so hopefully this will tide you over.

Durham News Odds and Ends, Welcome to Fall edition!

Hey, election season came and went, and now it’s legitimately feeling like fall. This kind of weather always makes me want to grab a blanket, put on some hot cocoa, and curl up by the fire with a good Durham News Odds and Ends. Lucky for you guys I have one for you right over here (a Durham News Odds and Ends, that is; you’ll still need to find your own blanket and cocoa):

That’s it, you guys! I really hope to be better about churning these things out on time, cause these bi-monthly procrastination editions can get to be pretty darn long. With any luck, I’ll make you one more in 2014. See ya next time!