Protest petition revealed as source of DCM / Self-Help rezoning delay sheds some light on why the Kent Corner rezoning request was pulled from last week’s council agenda:

But there does remain a protest petition.

That means Self-Help has to get a 75 percent “supermajority” vote by the City Council next week to approve a zoning change it needs for Kent Corner, an office-retail project for the corner of West Chapel Hill and Kent streets..

What the heck? Who would do such a thing?

“I’ve had that petition in for the longest time along with some of my neighbors,” said David Anthony, who filed the petition with five other owners of property adjoining Self-Help’s site.

Hmm… David Anthony… now wait, why does that sound so familiar? Oh, I know, this is the same David Anthony who tried to upset bidding on the vacant parking lot on WCH St. in an earlier attempt to derail the project. Yeah, the guy who wants a store front church museum or something instead.

That guy.

So, Anthony’s protest petition (on which he managed to find a staggering five other property owners to join in) means that the council must now approve the site with a 75% majority, which… well, they actually mightn’t have had last week:

It was originally scheduled for a council vote at the Aug. 19 meeting. Then Councilman Eugene Brown announced he would miss that meeting and Councilwoman Diane Catotti realized there could be a problem: too few council members to make a supermajority.

Moffitt is obviously recusing himself from the vote, since he’s on the board of DCM, so even though the entire council is apparently in support of the project they need a good turnout to register the supermajority.

So, David Anthony, for your further obstructionism you’re receiving an unprecedented second nod as Jackass of the week. Hopefully the council will approve this project next Tuesday, and we can finally put your annoying run as NIMBY celebrity behind us.

McCrory signs voter ID bill into law

As expected, since McCrory is nothing if not predictable, the voter ID bill was just signed into law.

Fun fact: I actually turned 18 on a presidential election day. I was able to vote because I had registered months in advance, something that will no longer be possible. I don’t really understand what this change means for people who are unlucky enough to be in a similar situation, since same day registration has also been eliminated. Does anybody know what people who turn 18 on election days are supposed to do now?

Anyway, for doing the thing I fully expected of you (but kind of still managed to hope you might not actually do), Governor Pat McCrory, you’re jackass of the week.

Local jackass continues to oppose DCM parking lot bid

That local jackass is David Anthony (previously covered here), who has now made good on his threat to obstruct Self-Help and Durham Central Market’s attempts to build a co-op grocery store on the corner of Kent and West Chapel Hill St.

Anthony, possibly operating in conjunction with a group of three people going by the moniker of “Kent Corner Task Force” (more on that later, perhaps), is making a concerted effort to make life hard on the would-be grocery store. Anthony outbid Self-Help’s original proposal to buy an unused parking lot from the city, and plans to keep screwing around:

“I have expanded and expanded ideas,” he said. “My most recent was to get a Durham tourist center, basically something along the lines of a welcome center.”

Anthony has until Monday to top Self-Help’s bid. He said he’s hoping they reach accord before then.

“If not,” he said, “we’ll extend the bid a little longer and raise the price.”

Because, sure, a bullshit welcome center next to a storefront church is a whole lot better than the community open space Self-Help plans to create with its acquisition of the parking lot. “Welcome to Durham’s scenic storefront church district” is certainly a unique hook.

It’s an interesting contrast to the 751 South development, which makes zero concessions and is going to get built come hell or high water anyway. DCM and Self-Help have been incredibly transparent and have made concerted efforts to engage the community throughout the process; indeed, it’s difficult for me to even imagine a better use of the property, which makes such opposition especially perplexing.

So, now you’ve got one dude with enough money to delay the project, who hopes he can make things annoying enough to… do what, exactly? Force DCM/SH to pull out completely? Abandon the green space in the site plan? Good job either way, jerkwad.

For his concerted efforts to obstruct a crucial revitalization effort, I’m giving Anthony the always stylish Jackass of the Week award.

Transylvanian demands permission slips for health care

Some jackass from my favorite county (which I just learned about the other day) thinks it’s far too easy for teenagers to get health care, and he’s proposed legislation that would require a notarized permission slip for health care involving the following:

  • contraception
  • pregnancy
  • substance abuse
  • mental health
  • STDs
  • vaginas
  • penises

Technically, this doesn’t cover all vagina and/or penis related health care issues, but it does cover all the ones that are any fun.

So, let’s walk it back: depressed teen due to a shit home life? He needs notarized parental consent to seek help. Teen who got pregnant? Parental consent. Teen who may have had sex and wants to make sure she isn’t going to die of AIDS? Parental consent. Teen who used drugs and wants help? Parental consent.

Hey, wonder what these teens might do if their parents are assholes? Oh yeah, probably get no help at all.

So I don’t know, why the parental consent thing, Representative Dracula Douchbag Whitmire?

the bill “strengthens parental rights in their determination of what’s appropriate in terms of their child’s medical needs.”

Oh, I see. And because teenagers aren’t people, they shouldn’t actually have any say in their own health, and it doesn’t really matter if they’re screwed by this. Not like those little bastards can vote or anything, amiright?

Oh, and you might recognize the name Whitmire from the state religion debacle. Yeah, he’s that Representative Whitmire, and he’s just won the oh-so-coveted jackass of the week award. If he keeps this up, he might get an honorary lifetime douche achievement award to top it off with.

Three, three bomb threats, ah ah ah!

Well, the midnight bomb threater what threats at midnight struck again, with more weaksause bomb threat shenanigans.

This marks the third bomb threat at Duke this week, two of which targeted the Bryan Center and one targeted the Great Hall. Oddly Duke did trigger DukeAlert this time (they did not for yesterday’s action) but they again said the threat was not credible.

I seriously hope they catch this dude – what a waste of everybody’s time.

EDIT: here’s some coverage of the investigation.


We made Popehat again!

As you may or may not know, “making Popehat” is generally not a good thing.

This time it’s for the words of one Tommy Tucker, the “distinguished” state senator from Union county who has the balls to straight up tell it like it is:




A part of me does admire his honesty! It’s true, listening to constituents bitching must be incredibly taxing for somebody of his stature; it sort of reminds me of the old customer service employee mantra: “This job would be great, if it wasn’t for the customers.”

Wouldn’t governing be so much more fun if those pesky citizens would all just kind of go away, so you can get back to the important stuff? Like, I don’t know, working on legislation to remove limits on bribes gifts to important people, like State Senators?

much larger part of me thinks that this dude is just a jackass, though. In fact, I’m going to go ahead and call it: Senator Tucker, you are my jackass of the week! Congrats!