Blue Coffee’s Kickstarter has been funded

It came down to the final day; with almost $10k left to raise as of yesterday morning, things were pretty tight, and the projections on Kicktraq weren’t looking good. Some very large contributors managed to send the project over the top in the final hours, and by the end of the day they squeaked by with $1600 to spare.

Best of luck to Gwen Mathews and Blue Coffee in the new location on Church St. It’s not quite as prominent as the old home in the Jack Tar, but given the way downtown is growing I expect more and more foot traffic headed that way in the coming months and years.

Blue Coffee launches kickstarter campaign

Blue Coffee has been a downtown anchor since before it was even remotely cool to be downtown, but now their home in the Jack Tar is being renovated and upscal-ified by Austin Lawrence Partners. They’re going to have to move, and they’ve launched a Kickstarter to help.

The new location is at the corner of Church and Main, and crowdfunding proceeds would go to renovating the space. Unlike some other campaigns, Blue Coffee has been upfront about how they’ll use the money, and they’ve got a proven track record of success; I’d buy with confidence on this one.

Right now they still need about $22k of their $35k goal. You’ve got until November 24 to contribute, and I’d recommend getting the word out, because it looks like it’ll go down to the wire.

Indy Week has some additional details, if you’re interested.

Local Kickstarter odds and ends

I hope to make a more concerted effort to stay on top of the various Kickstarter projects around town. I can’t specifically call out every project that’s created, but I’ll try to mention the ones that have some kind of specific local relevance (or that I think are especially cool).

First up, actively funding projects:

  • KoKyu BBQ is hoping to open a retail location. They’ve got a long way to go and only one week remains; edible rewards start at $20
    • Funding goal: $46,000
    • Current progress: $11,118
    • Funding ends: Nov 1
  • Duke Rhythm and Blue, a Duke a cappella group, is making an album. They’ve met their target already, but it’s not too late to contribute before the window closes tomorrow: $25 gets you a copy of the new album.
    • Funding goal: $5,000
    • Current progress: $5,202
    • Funding ends: Oct 25

Updates on funded projects: