WRAL: I read the comments, so you don’t have to

A common bit of wisdom holds that one should never read comments on the Internet. In the course of perusing articles about Durham and state politics on WRAL.com, I have decided that this is generally good advice.

However, from time to time, I find the level of idiocy on display remarkable enough to be mildly amusing. And so, I have decided to share the wealth with you, dear readers!

A semi-literate racist comments on a shooting in East Durham:

And they think they are being profiled because so many are in prinson. Right!!!! ~aquamarine46

A commenter describes his/her petrifying fear of Durham’s famous roving rape gangs on a bank robbery story:

This town just needs a net dropped on it. Corruption and crime is rampant. I am afraid to even drive through Durham anymore. I grew up hanging out there, but I wouldn’t set foot in it anymore. What a shame. It probably has a lot to offer, but nobody wants to be there for fear of being gunned down, robbed or raped. ~crystalswisher

A conspiracy theory about felons being released on purpose so they will vote for the current City Council is posited in the comments for a shooting arrest article:

Catch and release is great way to preserve fish populations but in Durham it seems to be used to preserve the voting base to keep the crooks running the city government. ~68_dodge_polara

A person who seems to doubt the DPD’s capabilities comments on an arrest story:

I can almost bet that the DPD didn’t catch this guy, the public, or should I say some1 that knows of him or either in his circle, caught him. DPD rarely does things like that, so for ppl that’s saying good job to DPD, get real! ~raynorteresa

Another pair of racists seem to be afraid of black people in comments on a murder case:

Another fine citizen from that community being raised , clothed, fed, and free cable t.v. for the next phase of his life. ALL FREE AND CLEAR ON THE TAX PAYERS DIME!!! Gotta love the country club atmosphere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~cantbtaught [ed. – nice nick there, buddy]

Which is exactly why you never look these people directly in the eyes. ~Obamacare survives

A commenter laments the death of the state religion bill… I think, anyway:

Back in the days where our children could still hear the name God, Jesus Christ, Bible, and be able to pray in school. The good days of when Nativity Scenes could be placed on disply in front of Town Halls or other government properties. The days where placing a Cross on the side of the State Highways to honor fallen Law Enforcement Officers (See Case in State of Utah). The DAYS WHERE CHRISTMAS TREES WERE CALLED CHRISTMAS TREES NOT “HOLIDAY TREES”. The days where people could actually GREET YOU at the door of any government building OR private business for that matter with a “Merry Christmas” versus the “Happy Holidays”. YES…ALL THESE GREAT TIMES IN HISTORY where these activities could be done without the THREAT & FILING OF LAWSUITS BY THE ACLU at the very mention or sight of above mentioned. Just take a moment, reflect on those times, you will see that people as a society were so much better with God in picture. Today’s society is crumbling ~kodac31

On that same story… I recognize the words, and they seem to make sentences, but I actually have no idea what this guy is even trying to say:

The state, aka Government, is encumbered by religion…it’s the religion of godlessness, and it is to be worshipped. All who believe in God are to be ridiculed and shunned as the closed, simple mind zealots that they are. We, the godless, are too open-minded to consider an opinion different than ours, because we have facts not faith. ~mrday69

Defending the two year divorce  waiting period bill:

Gee… you would think folks would WANT to make divorce tougher…. helping families stay intact, children in homes with both biological adults. Fact is, with counselling and the proper effort ANY couples relationship can be saved. Trouble is, divorce is TOO easy… especially in the selfish “I deserve to be happy” world we live in today. For better or for worse is not what they REALLY mean… its for better, but if it gets worse… good-by. And then… just look at how the Democrats are putting forth so much effort into redefining marriage…. remember jobs and the economy? Democrat Hypocrites. ~mep

On the same story – this one’s actually a little sad:

I agree with the bill for a longer waiting period and counseling. I hope this bill passes before my husband divorces me so that we can get the counseling we need to resolve our differences. I think it is a shame it is so easy to get a divorce and it tears families apart when we should be trying to hold families together. ~pameladolinger

And that’s a wrap on this installment, folks. Tune in next time for more… well, whatever that stuff was.