The podcast, episode two

Trying a different approach this time, focusing on three stories:

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Durham news odds and ends, podcast episode one edition

OK gang, this is a very special DNO&E: it includes the podcast episode one!

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This happens to be the last DNO&E of 2014, and possibly my last post period until after the holidays, so I hope you guys have a good Christmas or whatever.

And that’s that! Enjoy your holidays, people, the DNO&E sure will.

The podcast, episode zero

So this is a thing I’m doing I guess.

This isn’t the real podcast. I haven’t totally figured that part out yet. This is basically a 16 minute sound test in which I give a bit of context about what I’m doing and ask for you guys to help.

Any feedback is welcome (yes, I already know I need a pop screen, sorry for the crackles…)